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Hour of Code

A lot has happened behind the scenes at the Browning Reid Institute over the past year.  BRI is now incorporated as a Canadian not-for-profit, we have selected an inaugural board of directors, we have had some preliminary branding work done (which is still a work in progress unfortunately) and we’ve initiated several discussions with our target client groups.

A key pillar of research and development for BRI is Computer Science education in Canada.  We’ve always maintained that in the 30 years we’ve been programming computers very little has changed from the perspective of formal introduction to children.  This is not unique to Canada, but many of our closely allied partners in the Commonwealth or US are changing the landscape at the grassroots level.  BRI was established in part to act as a catalyst in Canada for these same goals – to get appropriate CS education into provincial curriculum at a much younger age.

We are happy to announce that some local Ottawa schools are jumping on board with and‘s “Hour of Code“, and now we need to spread the word!

The available tutorials are just amazing and really anyone can accomplish the goal of introducing kids to programming and Computer Science by following the recommendations from – it is really simple!  Over the next two weeks we’ll be doing everything we can to drum up more support – please lend your help by sharing the news and asking your own educators to participate!  If we can help don’t hesitate to contact us here at BRI!


BRI’s mandate is to foster IT Security education and innovation across Canada.  DEF CON represents the best of the hacker mentality and has grown exponentially in the last two decades.  BRI is proud to sponsor the Ottawa chapter of DEF CON user groups – dubbed DC613.

DC613 will kick off the year with an inaugural meeting in May and participate in the DEF CON 21 CTF qualifiers in June.  If you want to participate please drop us a line or come out to the meeting.  Details to follow shortly.